Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Ayurvedic Cooking Class

In this class students will learn the foundations of spice blends, dhals and chapatis. Students will learn through partial participation and instruction; don;t ever be afraid of using spices again. Be bold and enhance digestion and health in this class. 

The Menu;

  • Lightly Spiced Yellow Dhal Soup

  • Atta Chapatis (Flat breads) GF Available upon request

  • Masala Baked Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese)

  • Beetroot Raita

Students will learn through interaction and creativity. 


Email:  LTF@lovetruefood.com 

Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Ayurvedic Cooking Class

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Ayurvedic Basic to Moderate

An ancient system of health from India, Ayurveda recognises that the way something tastes in our mouths affects our moods and influences our sense of well-being. Preparing balanced meals the Ayurvedic way includes a unique and highly satisfying combination of six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. 

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