We have launched our ECO COOKING CLASSES FINALLY. Having moved from Meat based business to vegetarian has been wonderful. Learn classic dishes which are vegetarian, good for the environment and you. Gluten free options available. 

This is a partial participation and demo cooking class, as you learn how to prepare either of the menus featured below;


Thai-riffic Eco

Learn true authentic Thai food from a vegetarian and vegan perspective.  Learn the basic skills necessary to build on a foundation of true culinary delight without the harmful effects of animal protein. 

Menu includes: 

Home made vegetarian Tom Yum Paste, Tom Yum Soup, Pomelo Salad, Tofu or Seitan Basil, Garlic Fried Rice.  

Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours
Price: HK$800
* Menus may vary according to seasonality of ingredients. 

The Art of Vegetarian Broth Soup Skills

This class focuses on the art of making authentic Pho or Miso, indigenous to Vietnam and/or Japan. Learn the skills necessary for preparing an authentic stock with NO MSG or meat. Learn the roasting skills for spices and final preparation of this tasty and wonderful treat. 

Menu includes: 

Authentic Vegetarian Pho or Miso Soup, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Vietnamese Tea. 

Duration: 1 ½ to 2 hours

Price: HK$700

* Menus may vary according to seasonality of ingredients. 


"You are what you eat". So come and be a little spicy. In this class learn some age old traditional Indian dishes from various parts of India. Learn how to cook an Indian feast in the comfort of your own home. Be confident in using spices and making extremely tasty and healthy food. 

Menu includes; 

Homemade Paneer Marinated and Baked with Spices, Spelt Chapatis, Beetroot Raita, Tri-doshic Dhal Soup

Duration: 1 ½ to 2 hours
Price: HK$1,000

* Menus may vary according to seasonality of ingredients. 


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