Lakshmi of Love True Food and Love True Light had the absolute privilege to teach Yoga to around 500 persons at the IRIS event; Hong Kong's largest free yoga and health festival located this year at the Central Harbour front. The heat was amazing, yet people flocked from across the city to partake in unexciting day filled with yoga, meditation, wing chun, chanting and performances. 

The most amazing part of the festival was the amount of spirit found in all corners. There was outstanding vibrant energy. The day of orientation for all practitioners and teachers was actually the Summer Solstice, the day with the most amount of light in the sky. This signifies the energy was at the exact time to propose Hatha Yoga to the crowd. 


Although IRIS is only an element of getting Yoga to the masses, founder Gianni made sure that vendors such as Pressed Juice and Deliverloo were there doing their thing. May, was an excellent instrument in coordinating all teachers for the most spectacular event. Stay tuned for more images. 


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