I converted my apartment in West Kowloon into a small cooking studio for those wanting to hone in to their creative abilities as a master chef. The catch is that all classes are vegan or vegetarian, and you know what, the food tastes so much better than a diet full of meat and dairy. Whilst I am not a hardcore vegan, I do proclaim to be the best vegetarian cooking instructor in town. You can book as an individual or within a group of 8, for a partial participation experience. After the class, get to taste your creations with a glass or two of wine or one of our healthy detox drinks. You really won;t find such an exclusive experience elsewhere in Hong Kong. Health is cool, and focusing on healthy plant based food is not only good for you, but also good for the environment. Don;t get me started on why, that's saved for another blog post. 

Our most popular class is the vegetarian Thai Cookery Class, see offerings below; 


Learn true authentic Thai food from a vegetarian and vegan perspective.  Learn the basic skills necessary to build on a foundation of true culinary delight without the harmful effects of animal protein. Menu includes:  Home made vegetarian Tom Yum Paste, Tom Yum Soup, Pomelo Salad, Tofu or Seitan Basil, Garlic Fried Rice.  

Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours    Price: HK$880

* Menus may vary according to seasonality of ingredients. 



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