Ok folks, I wanted to address a very common health concern apparent in our modern culture. Adrenal burnout or fatigue. I want to address it because I have personally been through the ups and downs that can shake the system. I lost hair, lost sleep and had rampant emotions, like feeling on a constant roller coaster. A cocktail of hormones were at play during this time in my life, and this only added to the detrimental effects of adrenal burnout.

In the vast and busy city of Hong Kong, we self medicate with coffee or caffeine drinks, cigarettes, alcohol and sugary substances, amongst other things (hint hint, white powder snorted up the nose for those DROP visitors). It is no wonder why our society is a ‘go go go’ culture. Also, healthier alternatives like matcha, green tea, ginseng and health boosting juices can only exacerbate the problem of burnout. These stimulants will only, over time contribute to something known as an energy deficit. If you borrow stored energy temporarily, you will eventually have to repay it in one way or another. As John Douillard MD states, “If you are tired, stimulating the body will only offer temporary, symptomatic relief at best.”

Look I love coffee, I really do, and I’m still drinking it currently, but there are serious side effects to misuse of it. The yogis believed the only way to take coffee is up the bum!!! And if you look at the very nature of what happens to the body when we drink it, the body contracts, like it’s trying to push it out of the veins. That’s why coffee as an enema, pushes substances out through the bowels… you get the idea.

I went for a reading in Ayurvedagram to find out my cholesterol was a whopping 300, that’s very high for my age of 36. I couldn't understand why I had such a large number, I eat relatively well , pretty much vegan and limit my meals to twice day, I exercise well doing walks, Muay Thai and yoga. I found out from the doctor that genetics and stress were contributors of high cholesterol. So perhaps my love for coffee was causing my adrenaline to spike and thus cause hair fall and high cholesterol. There is evidence suggesting that high caffeine intake causes the following; coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, arterial stiffness, and you guessed it, high cholesterol amongst other factors.

So without giving up my coffee addiction right away, I explored other ways which could help me using adaptogen herbs to counteract the negative effects of this stimulant.

One medicine the doctor had me take is ‘ashwaghanda’. Tooted for giving the energy of a horse, it has gained popularity in the West due to its adaptogenic properties. In latin it translates to ‘“somnifera,” meaning “sleep-inducing,”. Studies have shown it boosts energy naturally without taking more out of the energy bank and it can support sleep at night and promote endurance during the day. It can also build lean muscle mass, so people like me who are very active can take it pre workout. There are many wonderful benefits to ashwaghanda ; it clear cystic acne and clears out ‘Ama’ toxins from the uterus. In addition, it is a major aphrodisiac and is great for increasing male sperm count.

Have a think about this before delving into your morning cup of Jo, and if you are anything like me, who refuses to give it up, think about taking ashwaghanda.

I wish you health and happiness, peace and joy.


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