Headaches can be Managed with Ayurveda 

Headaches according to Ayurveda can indicate certain imbalances of the nervous system. Ever suffered from tension headaches, migraines, and sinus headaches? All of these correlate to a specific dosha accumulation in the body. Usually, pain is associated with vata dosha, but further investigation is needed to understand what other doshas are are play, either pitta or kapha in the mix of the headache. Sometimes certain doshas can mask symptoms of another, so it can get tricky to determine what to do. 

Migraines are specific to pitta-vata, Hot pitta becomes burning, searing pain, there can even be light sensitivity. Often these types het worse by heat and working on computers or smartphones. These headaches are indicative of digestive disorders, exposure to environmental toxins and stress, anger, frustration and moodiness. 

Sinus headaches are all kapha. Kapha accumulates in the head , congestion is a definite sign of the cause. Many people fell dull and heaviness sin the head surrounding the sinus area. This headache comes with symptoms of sluggish slow digestion, accumulated digestive toxins , overeating, addiction to sweet foods, cold foods etc. Also is one doesn’t exercise adequately,, this stagnation can cause headaches.

Tension headaches are vata dominant, and are aggravated by cold, fast moving vata. The pain feels like you have a headband wrapped around your head cutting off circulation, the pain is sharp and fluctuates. Causes of these headaches are definitely stress, multitasking and non routine based activities. If one eats and sleeps sporadically this will also set off the headaches. Also, eyestrain from computers or electronics can trigger these types of headaches. 

The root cause of all types of headaches comes from imbalanced digestion, thus embarking on a cleanse or simple kitchari fast can help eradicate the accumulated toxins of the doshas in the body that are contributing to the headache. Once the cleanse has been completed, a purgation can remove these excess doshas. I like to use Avipathi Choornam to help with evacuation of toxins through the anus. Chronic stress or fight or flight can also be a contributor to headaches. There are some Ayurvedic diet and lifestyles principles which can erridacte the root causes of headaches, like following an appropriate ‘dinacharya’ daily and nightly routine. Examples include rising early, doing abhyanga ‘daily self massage’ and following various principles that can help remove toxins. To be honest, daily routine is a very powerful medicine.

To embark on resting your gut, or starting with cleanse, contact us here. I wish you all the health and wellbeing in your life,. 


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