Ayurvedic cleansing is the real deal. It cleanses the body from deep within, it ensures all 7 tissues are cleansed without over working the body, mind and emotions (yes there are mental and emotional toxins that are cleansed too). Ayurveda considers cleansing as the whole package, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This ancient science is different from most juice cleanses or starvation cleanses, as it detoxifies both fat based and water based toxins, emotional toxins and mental toxins. It’s aim is to balance the systems of the body and make the body and mind strong to fight off infection and energetic vampires. Yes, if you are energetically weak, you may be susceptible to energy leaks too.

Below are three of Love True Food’s popular cleanses, recommended for different times of the seasons.


kitchari cleanse / stomach

Our popular kicthari cleanse for removing deep tissue toxins and bringing them to the digestive tract for elimination through ‘virechana’ or purgation. This is a very effective cleanse for busy people who do not want to starve themselves. It helps bring the body back into ‘ketosis’ without the harmful effects of eating a meat and dairy laden diet.

*inclusive of dry foods, spices, herbal support, Ayurvedic tools, instructions

Kitchari Cleanse
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gut reset / skin cleanse

A flow of toxic build up can show up in the body as acne, eczema and skin related issues. In fact the skin in our gut is indicative of our overall skin externally. This cleanse works on a deeper level to ensure skin conditions and blood are cleansed so that reoccurrence of skin toxins are eliminated once and for all.

*inclusive of dry foods, spices, herbal support, Ayurvedic tools, instructions

lung cleanse

Quitting smoking? Finding it hard? This cleanse is designed for smokers who are desperately trying to rid themselves of the habit with little to no success. This cleanse removes the harmful chemicals fast so cravings are eliminated faster.

*inclusive of dry foods, spices, herbal support, Ayurvedic tools, instructions

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