Kitchari Cleanse

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Kitchari Cleanse

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This kit provides all the supplies you need to make Kitchari for 4 days.

The Kitchari Kit Contains:

  • Pre Mixed Organic Yellow Mung Dal & Organic Basmati Rice with Kitchari Spice Mix :  This traditional spice mix helps stimulate your digestive fire so you can absorb all the wholesome goodness from your food. The spice mix includes cumin seeds, coriander, fennel, turmeric, natural mineral salt, and asafoetida, stock cube, bay leaf, black pepper.

  • Organic Ghee (7.5 oz): Made from 100% organic, sweet cream butter that was churned from the goodness of milk produced by grass-fed and pastured cows, this rich Ayurvedic treat is said to nourish both body and mind. The ghee will provide the kitchari with an oily quality that helps loosen and remove toxins during the cleanse. It also helps to strengthen the digestive fire and promotes healthy digestion.

  • Organic Wild Harvested Herbal Support

**When rice and dal are cooked together these two Ayurvedic staples combine to make a delicious, thick soup called kitchari. Easy to digest, kitchari is a nutritious whole food that will sustain you throughout your cleanse.

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