Ayurvedic Nutritional Tongue Assessment

tongue analysis.png
tongue analysis.png

Ayurvedic Nutritional Tongue Assessment

  • Monitors one’s state of health
  • Diagnosis is simple and immediate
  • Determines one’s unique inherited constitution
  • Assesses a person’s current health conditions
  •  An early detector for disorders in the body
  • Informs the practitioner about the underlying cause of disease
  • An accurate way of determining what is happening in the digestive system: liver, stomach, spleen, small and large intestines
  • Reveals the stage and progression of a particular illness
  • Shows the quality of the individual’s energy production 
  •  Reflects the quality of the circulation of prana (life force), blood, bodily fluids and essence
  •  (Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis, by Walter “Shantree” Kacera, D.N., Ph.D.)
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The experience includes:

  •  High resolution image/scan of your tongue
  • Acid-alkaline testing (*lab tests subject to additional cost)
  • Statistical report and recommendations (based on individual dosha, bodily constitution, and Ayurveda)
  • Basic Nutritional Charts 
  • Virya (taste) charts depending on constitution 

* please fast before the consultation, avoiding coffee and tea

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