Spring is a time to cleanse the body from 'ama', also known as toxins. In Ayurveda, if 'ama' is not removed from the body then the toxins will re-circulate throughout the entire body and create acidic blood resulting in toxic accumulation. This is why spring is a time for renewal and detox. Eating green fruits and vegetables is one way to help the body naturally eliminate the environmental toxins that have accumulated in the winter. Drinking alkalised and ionic water is also another way to help the body eliminate those toxins. It is important to note that in winter we are less likely to sweat, and sweating is yet another type of detox. But when we do allow ourselves to sweat, we certainly need to replenish our body with lost hydration.

Here at the LTF KITCHEN, we indulge our senses in using a water filter system which helps cluster the water molecules into smaller counterparts, this enables cells to be enriched with water that is excellent for the bodily systems and functions. (The best type is the VWA system. A great investment to ensure that your water is pure.) Have a look at this dynamic system made in Korea, which is similar to the Kengan in USA. Imagine having 8 settings of water for different purposes. For example, here at the kitchen I use alkalised water to soak and sprout my chickpeas, this makes cooking time shorter and the pulses turn out optimal every time. Also, being the coffee drinker I am, I use the alkaline settings to brew the coffee, the flavour and aroma are intensified drastically. 

I truly believe in healthy living, and with modern day stressors, it is imperative to utilise systems that help prevent disease and help the body return to homeostasis. Health is something that I do not bargain, and this is why I would definitely purchase this water filter system. You can enquire about the system of water filtration from i-Detox 

For more information, contact me on LTF@lovetruefood.com or call 95040288 , and get special discounts on the best water filter system available to man. 



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