So we hear a multitude of information on dietary possibilities. 

So we hear a multitude of information on dietary possibilities. Where do we get our omega 3 from. Is fish a better source than flax or chia. The truth is that everyone is different, and even health promoting companies can rip you off when they are trying to promote omega 3 oils to you. 

In our modern day age of processed foods and supplements galore, it is almost impossible to find a once size fits all dietary approach. For this reason what’s nectar to one is poison to another. And in the spirit of health and wellbeing, the way food is ingested even impacts our digestion and assimilation of it. 

So how does Ayurveda view Fish and fish products?

Remembering that anything in Ayurveda is not viewed as good or bad but rather neutral. Fish when used properly can help to rebuilt Kapha (the qualities of earth) in the body. Kapha denotes building strength, endurance and stamina. For this reason, although Ayurveda promotes a plant based approach, it can sometimes use fish and fish products once in awhile to build strength and even balance the hormones.

All in all, we, as human beings, must always consider what is best for our unique body and mind constitution. 

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