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Hong Kong Vegan Catering


Hong Kong Vegan Catering

With 'Veganism' becoming mainstream these days, it is important to remember why people subjugate a vegan diet in the first place. 

Firstly, apart from being kind to animals, a vegan diet brings about kindness to ourselves. As it helps the body detox from harmful environmental toxins brought about by animal rearing and the corrupt dairy industry. Now, unless you get your cheese, milk and other dairy products from reliable sources, lets face it, dairy is the number one reason people get bad skin, as  milk itself contains hormones. Once calfs grow up, do they drink their mom's milk still? THE ANSWER IS NO. So why do we? Seems so strange. You can substitute your milk with almond, hemp and/or rice milks. And not only that, almond milk is good for the skin, hair and teeth. So why clog your system with hormone laden milk, try the variations instead. 

Even those who avoid animal protein once or twice a week, can improve their health drastically. I come from a  Sindhi family, so we are vegetarian on Mondays usually, this vegetarianism once a week really can bring amazing benefits to you and the environment, try incorporating meat free Mondays.  Veggie diets are linked to lower risk for type 2 diabetes , lower cardiovascular disease and lower risk for cancer. Just check out Dean Ornish's link to all the studies... 

Other benefits of going vegan or even vegetarian are the following; 

You get adequate protein from plants; you save money by being economical, help the environment (less methane from cattle rearing), lose weight (provided you eat right), mood swings become better and it helps eradicate world hunger.

Now, if you don't know where to start, you can contact me at

Love True Food is the only Vegan Caterer here in Hong Kong that tailor makes meals to suit preferences such as;  Gluten Free Diets, Ayurvedic Principles, TCM Principles, Nut Allergies, General Food Allergies, Low Carb etc. 

Give us a call today and find out how you can make a difference to your own health and the health of the world!!!

Happy eating! 




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