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Detoxing - The Scoop


Detoxing - The Scoop

So I have taken on the challenge of the 3 day cleanse from none other than Punch Detox. This cleanse states that it helps remove toxins from the system. 

There are many signs of toxicity and usually when I feel myself coming down with a flu I usually get right to fasting, as this can really facilitate healing from a much greater level. I actually had gastro last week in Singapore and so I decided to give my body a full overhaul by doing the Punch Detox challenge. Since I have fasted before, I did level 2, which is awesome because it doesn’t have high amounts of sugar and sweetness common to other fasts. I can honestly say that Day 1 wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Although I had only a slight headache, I expected this because this is what I suffered from the first time I ever did a cleanse, and at that time I was in caffeine withdrawal mode, which is horrible!!!There are many detox symptoms which can run rampant if the diet is still loaded with sugar, caffeine and processed foods such as cookies and chips and I highly recommend that you ween off these foods close to a week or two before you fast, it will ease symptoms. 

In Ayurvedic medicine, such extreme juice cleansing is not really recommended for Vata types, although Pitta and Kapha types can benefit from it. Kapha will benefit the most from juice cleansing. Vata types can still do cleansing via a Kichari Cleanse, as this is ledd harsh for them and can still cleanse the entire body. Kichari is known as the food of the God’s because civilisations were sustained solely on beans and rice, not only does it nourish the body completely, but it allows the body to reach homeostasis. The beans are the split yellow kinds called dhal, more specifically mung dhal, which causes the least amount of disruption for the Vata type. As Vata experiences the most gas, the split beans can be cooked with kombu.

The truth is that detoxing or cleansing is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Just look at all the religions across the board, lent, ramadan, navratari etc. Mostly we get out of the way and let our body’s do all the work for us. By giving a much needed break to our digestion, the body can then get to work on removing toxins from the deeper layers of our being. This is why you see common detox symptoms such as headaches, sluggishness dry mouth, runny nose, irritability or anger, weakness, cravings, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea, and gas. By allowing our body to do the work, we can naturally and safely achieve homeostasis and remove unwanted cravings. Some people feel an intense amount of energy whilst fasting as the energy that usually goes into digesting is now available. I know of some Vata types that have fasted and felt high or spacey. It really all depends on your Ayurvedic constitution. 

The Punch Detox is a great way to reboot your system, as you don’t feel like you are starving your body. The juices are fair and not too sweet. The best part about day 1 was the gasPUNCHO, as it felt heavy enough to be like a soup. 

There are many different ways that you can fast , water fasts, juice fasts and mono fasts. With water fasting you only take water for a length of time. I would not recommend this unless you have experience fasting. The juice fasting is one of the most popular ways because you are still flooding your body with optimal nutrition so your energy levels can remain high. With mono fasting you are still eating solids but you eat the same thing to prevent the body from breaking down many different kind of foods, this is another way to cleanse and can be adapted for Vata types in Ayurveda. Hence Kichari. 

Now on Day 2, my headache has stopped and my tongue is slightly coated, a common symptoms of detoxing. I’m really looking forward to seeing the result after day 3. 

For doing a complete Kichari cleanse, please visit ready made meals section here. 

Until day 3!!!



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