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Meditation As Medication


Meditation As Medication

Meditation should not be a chore, it is an art of being. The minute you let your mind 'be' it settles down to its most ideal rhythm. Go to a quiet place and disengage. Try and experience that joy. We are losing that in the 21st Century.

Solutions to most mental health issues can use meditation, however not ALL. Most of today's mental health issues are caused by too much 'doing', something known in Ayurveda as AtiYogam. Step back and just be, it is very healing. 

Stress is the 21st Century killer. We've lost this, everything is 'go go go'. We have to look within us, the entire universe is within us. We should become one with the inside and thus become one with the outside. Turning the senses inwards will delve into healing. Once you start looking within, you'll find a resource, a higher self, a soul, an all pervading being. All the answers are within you; chew on this.

STRESS in Ayurveda in the Astanga Samgraham AD3, states that it is exposure to stimulus physically, mentally, environmentally, beyond the body, mind threshold causes disturbances in the functional principles of the body (vata, pitta, kapha) and the mind (tamas and rajas). This manifests as Physiological and Psychological disturbances. 

It is not surprising that harmony is being disturbed causing disease in our modern lifestyles. Excessive living is something that we can collectively resolve. Ayurveda and Yoga and can aid these manifestations of diseases. From childhood we are trained to engage in excesses. Children are victims to our stresses.

Physical stress, Verbal Stress and Mental Stress are categories of stress according to Ayurveda. These are foundations in Rajas and Tamas. Rajas deals with V and P and affects body/mind channels, manifests as anxiety and other symptoms.  Tamas deals with Kapha and also affects mind body channels and manifests as depression and other symptoms.  All are caused by a weak mind. Thus meditation is medication.

Being lonely is a problem when it comes to mental wellness. You could be surrounded by people and yet be lonely. It has nothing to do with solitude. This is why self love or love of self is an important practise in Ayurveda and Yoga. 

In Patanjali's surtras he states "by the practise of the 8 limbs of Yoga the impurities dwindle away and there downs the light of wisdom, leading to discriminative discernment." 

This is why mind over matter can work, but also from body to mind can also work. 

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