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Turmeric for Inflammation


Turmeric for Inflammation

The best spice for inflammation is turmeric. It helps ease digestive disturbances and is used fairly often in Indian cooking. Not only does it have anti inflammatory properties but it is used extensively in beauty products. Incorporating small doses into food and drink can really help the gut heal. I've seen this first hand . Especially with those suffering from digestive issues like IBS, gastritis, heartburn and pain. 


So the next time reach for your turmeric. 



Ayurvedic Cooking Class


Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Chef Lakshmi’s Cooking Class (Main Meal)

14th May 2015 (Thursday) 7pm – 9pm

“Many people think that Ayurvedic food is only Indian spiced and rich food. This is quite contrary to what Ayurvedic food is. In fact, Ayurvedic principles can be translated to everybody’s unique temperament and body type.”

Who needs this class?

If you need more variety to raw food or if you find raw food difficult to digest and do not give you the benefits that other people seem to enjoy, you probably need to consider eating more properly cooked foods! Enzymes do not just come from raw food. They are produced by our body first and foremost.  And spices support the production and efficacy of enzymes in our body for proper digestive health (for proper digestion, assimilation and elimination).  It’s rare to see anyone in today’s lifestyle who has great digestive health really as stress depletes it.

In this class you can learn how to make these quick and easy recipes that suit the modern lifestyle:

1. Chana Dal

This Ayurvedic spiced dish features chana, known as split chickpeas which are effective for weight-loss. Chana regulates hormone levels in women due to high phytonutrient content. The spices used in this dish are tempered traditionally and help aid digestion and assimilation.

2. Baked Paneer/Cauliflower

For those Paleo nuts, cauliflower can replace many grains in dishes. Using organic ghee to temper the spices helps assimilation of the nutrients, especially that of curcumin. The turmeric in this dish relieves inflammation and is known for its beneficial qualities of preventing cold and flu.

3. Thick Ayurvedic Tomato Sauce with Zucchini Noodles (grain free)

You would never believe that this is actually a salad. The fresh basil and oregano counteracts the pungent tomato sauce, giving way to beautiful rich sauce.


HK$350 per person or HK$300 per person when two or more people register together

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