So , I’ve had this painful rotator cuff tear on my subscapularis tendon (area of shoulder) from overuse and lifting boxes of alcohol during my cousin’s hardcore Indian London wedding. None of the boys were helping, so it was my cousin and I schlepping the alcohol by ourselves. Ugh.

In any case, the pain has lasted for almost 6 months now, with sleepless nights, bouts of many physiotherapy sessions not to mention, acupuncture, cupping, myofacial release; which have all been fucking painful and annoying to say the least.

I have tried anti inflammatories, drugs and other options that just didn't seem to even help in the slightest. Did I mention that I am aa amateur Muay Thai enthusiast, and a very active Hatha Yoga Teacher, chef and photographer… not being able to do what I love has kicked me to the curb. I have single handedly experienced bouts of depression, anxiety and jealously at people that are active and rubbing it in my fucking face. Whilst they putter around being all active, I have forced myself to train other areas of my body and mind. I do see this change as rewarding, as I have been able to focus on meditation and mindfulness, focusing on my online Ayurvedic Course which has now been launched, and building strength in my running style.

Now to the good news. After I gave up on my physiotherapy with a very talented physiotherapist Joseph March, located here in Hong Kong. He shot me a text asking if I was ok and recommending a Shoulder and Knee Orthopaedic doctor by the name of Dr. Benjamin Chow; a very sweet informational shy doctor. He recommended PRP, Platlet Rich Plasma, a type of injection using my own blood spun in a centrifuge to elicit healing the tissue using the body’s natural inflammatory response.

I must say, Dr. Chow didn't say how much it would fucking hurt or cost. For three days after I was not only sore, but I couldn’t move my arm I was in agony. So much so that my sister Hersha had to come over and get me tranadol and a sling. BUT, after the initial inflammatory response fizzled off, I experienced 80% range of motioning my arm and shoulder, which is better than 0%. I still feel some localised pain with certain internal rotation, but not as much as before. He said to give it a month, and I could resume normal activity within 2 weeks.

I feel that this therapy could be a saving grace for those not wanting to opt for surgery. I have aided my healing by eating whole food plant based and am certain something is being repaired in the subscapularis tendon. I feel slight twitching and itching, which indicates healing I reckon.

I will keep you posted in the following weeks with my progress, but so far I am feeling optimistic.


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