Wheat has been getting a bad rep! Most pasta made from wheat has been getting a bead reputation because of the common allergies and intolerance's that people are having to them these days. Pasta has been around for decades. In fact ancient cultures survived on this type of grain and most cultures that thrived were dependent on grains for their survival. Most people are afraid to eat pasta because they think that the nutritional value offered is very low, however, pasta tastes so good and believe it or not has amazing health benefits to it. In particular wholewheat pasta offers three times more fibre per serving. People avoid pasta for the wrong reasons. They believe that pasta is like an empty carbohydrate that will just pack on the pounds. Contrary to popular belief, skipping regular white pasta and making your own wholewheat pasta can have a significant improvement in health. Some studies find that pasta isn't fattening and can actually help you lose weight. This is according to the correct notion that pasta is a fundamental component of a Mediterranean traditional diet.


In any case check out our blog for lovely home-made pasta recipes they can really tickle the taste buds. 


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