Having taken a few of Chef Shima’s cooking classes already, I must say that they just get better and better. The first class was all about fermentation; a highly recommended class for those interested in gut health. Gut health is a huge topic of discussion. Humans have strayed from their natural diets for the last 100 years or so, and in that time we’ve seen a rise of diseases such as celiac disease, gluten intolerance, IBS not to mention an array of skin and hair issues accompanied by bronchitis and asthma. 

Founder of Lil’ Paddy’s Pickle Fenella Fownes joined the Grain Free and Vegan Snacks Class by Sesame Kitchen. Taking the plunge to take healthy cooking classes in Hong Kong and reviewing them is no easy task, especially for a lay man. However, needless to say that Ms. Fownes enjoyed the class throughly and she doesn’t even cook!

The class demystifies the mystery that all snacks need to be ‘with’ grain and ‘with’ dairy. In actual fact, the snacks in this class are anything but heavy and loaded with sugar; instead the class highlights whole-food ingredients that focus solely on health and wellbeing. Chef Shima’s style of teaching is very thorough and this class has a very hands on approach to cooking without stress. Even when one wants a partial participation class, you can join one of the many that Shima offers. 

The class started off with learning how to make a gluten free grain free flax cracker spiced with onion powder and various spices. L’il Paddy's is all about spice; Fenella added some well deserved chilli flakes. These crackers need 24 hours to dehydrate and so Chef Shima mails them directly to you!!! We received our first batch today, and I must say they were absolutely delicious! Bonus on the class is that everything is fresh and made in dehydrators, which keep all the precious enzymes in ‘tact’ to promote better gut health. 

Another aspect of the class is that the kitchen is located near Kennedy Town on the 21st floor of Yiuga Factory Building. Parking is not available in the building, but you can easily park on the street or take the MTR and walk a bit. (Quite the adventure!) All products can be purchased after class if you need supplies for home cooking. If you are making the specific recipes, Chef Shima shows how they can be adapted and tailored to your needs. The products are organic and really outstanding quality. Just a glimpse into the kitchen is like a candy store for the health conscious individual. In fact, I left with a loaded bag and a happy face!

The next recipe was a grain free sesame cracker, which tasted so delicious and crispy that we ate it with none other then lil' Paddy’s Pickle. The two products go hand in hand. The spiciness of the pickle adhered to the sweetness and density of the cracker. Definitely something to look into for entertaining and impressing guests.  The last recipe satisfies all sweet eaters, without the added sugar and dairy. The date energy balls with goji are absolutely delicious, they keep you going the whole day and satisfy that sweet craving that most people feel mid day when they go for caffeine or sugar laden snacks. 

A slight overview of the classes she offers; 

GAPS (Grain Free Snacks and Desserts), Sourdough Class, Fermentation, Replace your Condiments. 

Here is the gallery of pictures from the class; 


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