I just finished a cooking demonstration for 'Feeding Hong Kong' at the Natural & Organic Products Asia HONG KONG. Today we made a tri-doshic dhal soup (available at i-Detox) as well as a vegetable sub-ji with zucchini and peppers. Feeding HK is a great organisation, and on October 16th, they are launching their next cook book with the help of Bloomberg. 

There were various vendors featuring great products. The key to selecting good quality produce is to look at the source of ingredients and experience the taste, feel and energy. Like for example, "is the company giving back?", "Is the company addressing the global warming crisis?" "is the company reducing their carbon footprint, and/or helping to feed starving individuals?" etc.

Once you gain an understating of the nature of the company and their mission, you can then select the best products for your specific criteria. One of mine is to select products where the company gives back to their local communities. 

Stay tuned for recipes from the day... 


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