We have now stocked our frozen meals at i-Detox; check out their website for more healthy snacks and various products. (click here i-Detox) 

Sometimes when we are trying to detox the body and mind, we rarely have the time to prepare meals for a healthier lifestyle. Within Hong Kong, sometimes having a quick meal on the go is easy, but rarely are these fast food joints healthy in any way. So I decided to make staples, dhal, chickpeas and soups for people to enjoy. All they have to do is reheat. The environmental containers are the best part of this process, and they can be placed in the oven, microwave and steamer. They are fully biodegradable and compostable. 

LTF will start making Ayurvedic nut-milks for consumption soon, so stay tuned. You can check out our healthy cooking classes as well. We offer the best Southeast Asian cooking classes in town, no MSG, no preservatives, only pure organic and local produce. 

Our kitchen rental in Hong Kong has become a hit, and for the rest of September, we are offering members a chance to rent out the kitchen space. 

check us out, (kitchen rental) 

Seasonal African Chickpea Stew 


Lemongrass Pumpkin Un-Cream Soup; this is a beautiful soup flavoured with cashew cream and lemongrass. A perfect soup for lactose intolerance's. 

Organic Tri-doshic Dhal  

Organic Brown Basmati Rice with Coconut


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