Love True Food is notorious for having the best vegetarian snacks for tasting parties. Chef Lakshmi, of Love True Food Ltd. has teamed up with Plugged for Nature's Bounty to derive beautiful and elegant recipes that showcase the brand's products. Products such as turmeric, liquid collagen, primrose oil and various other ingredients contribute to the  wonderful flavours of the following food items;

Doklas with Coconut Chutney with Nature's Bounty Turmeric, Thai Style Crunchy Vegetable Wraps infused with Nature's Bounty Grapeseed Extract, African Spiced Chickpeas with Nature's Bounty Primrose Oil on Cucumber Cups, Spinach Pate on Sesame Ryvita with Nature's Bounty Probiotics,  Gluten Free Chocolate cake with berries with Nature's Bounty Protein & Vitamin Mix, Ayurvedic' Cleansing and Anti-inflammatory Smoothie with Nature's Bounty Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen + Turmeric.

We managed to photograph three products that will be available on the LTF Eco Food Menu, they made it in... for good reason...) 


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