This is a time to write about feeding the soul. when I started Love True Food, it was in the hopes of sharing sustainable, healing food to everyone. As we have evoked over the years, it is with great passion that I'd like to present Love True Food's cleanse plan. What we put in to our bodies is important, but, what we feed our mind's is equally as important. So with this cleanse, LTF makes a promise that we can bring you down the path to purifying your body and mind, which eventually allow you to re-set and literally detox old emotional patterns since childhood.

How can we make such a promise? Well in Ayurvedic medicine, most of the old patterns are stored in 'fat cells', and to gather more information about this, please visit Dr. John Douillard's Blog, he elaborates with scientific proof, showing that cell memory can be shifted and altered whilst we detox physically, emotionally and mentally, we are able to really get down to re-wiring our behaviour patterns and thoughts. Imagine a world where the idea of cleanse is taken further than physically? How much more can you accomplish. In a world where ‘temptation is everywhere’. Imagine gaining will power and knowing thta your cravings can shift from poisonous foods to nourishing foods.

Imagine choosing the right thoughts for your mind? How much better and happier we will feel.

Join our 4, 9 or 21 cleanse program and really see and feel the difference. We recommend doing this before January 1st, hahahahahaha, as that time will be a mercury retrograde, and you don’t really want to start something new during this time, as the energies may not be in your favour. 

Instead, try this cleanse before and really feel the difference of how such a simple cleanse can truly benefit your body, mind and soul. 

Check out our store for kitchari cleansing. To make the cleanse more effective, we recommended the following products;


  • Organic Ghee
  • Triphala Powder (at nigh before bed)
  • Sugar Cease (John Douillard’s Brand)
  • Sesame Massage Oil
  • Neti Pot
  • Neti Salt


Till next time, LTF crew. 



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