Love True Food HOME KITCHEN STUDIO is a small haven for smaller groups that need usage of the kitchen facilities in the crowded city of Hong Kong. Usually, many people in Hong Kong find it difficult to obtain kitchen rental facilities, but with LTF, it is easy. All you have to do is become a member and you are set. Filling out the kitchen rental form is easy (kitchen rental link) and it only takes a couple of minutes. Thereafter, a representative will call you and confirm the little details. You can rent the kitchen space for a half day or full day or even by the hour. There are many possibilities like the hire of a sous chef, a cleaner and various other things. Now that's amazing. 

"I remember when I first moved back to Hong Kong, it was very very difficult to rent kitchen spaces here, and even if it was possible, the cost would be crazy expensive, so I decided to charge a fair wage for those people wanting an open kitchen for entraining their families, friends and loved ones" (Lakshmi Harilela) 

In this day and age, small spaces can work if they are used properly. Thus, this is definitely a solution for many Hong Kong-ers. I feel it is time to expose this little treasure here in Hong Kong. 

Contact Chef Lakshmi for details. 


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