The juicing craze has hit Hong Kong with organic restaurants and juicing detox programmes sprouting up everywhere. So does this mean we should abandon our lattes and mochaccinos in favour for what many call a liquid salad? When I first heard about juicing, I was skeptical. I laughed it off because I thought I ate enough vegetables with my daily salad. The turning point for me was when my dad asked me a simple question, do you eat the amount of fruits and vegetables I just had in my juice? He was right. We can get more nutrients, minerals and enzymes in our body if it is converted into a liquid form. Moreover, by juicing, the nutrients are delivered directly to our cells, giving our digestive system a much-needed break. Because our digestive systems are not working in overdrive to break down juices, it frees up the body’s energy to do other important tasks. So, juicing not only rejuvenates our cells by helping our body absorb key nutrients, but it also gives us more energy.

So, did I turn you into a juicing convert yet? If I did, you can learn some practical tips about how to incorporate juicing into your daily life at Love True Food’s upcoming ‘Juice Me Up’ workshop on March 29th with Sandra Carvajal, a holistic health coach. During the workshop, Sandra will teach you the right way to juice for your body type and give you some juicing recipes to help you detox for spring.

According to Sandra, having a healthy lifestyle is all about balance: ‘I have never been a healthy food junkie, I have learned that the most important thing in life is balance; balance in what I eat, in the physical activities I do, in the way I deal with my emotions and in the way I manage my relationship with the entire world. I am a firm believer that keeping this balance is what helps me prevent illness, and Juicing is a big part of it. I’ve been juicing for a long time, and I recognize the preventive and healing power of juicing for a healthy lifestyle.’


To learn more about the ‘Juice Me Up’ workshop, please visit our Facebook page or contact Lakshmi at 9504 0288.

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