So we are finally here in Kerela for the India Internship from Kerela Academy. We have learnt so much about healing and that its more than just meets the eye. In fact, the methods adopted here for healing are relatively amazing compared to anything I’ve ever experienced. Today Dr. Kartick took my pulse reading and stated so much personal stuff about me such as, do you have hair loss, skin disturbances, did your father like to drink alcohol? I was blown away at these details that I immediately took an interest in his method of pulse, which is different from any of the online courses I’ve ever taken. He proceeded to put marks on my wrists to denote the area the fingers should be to check VPK.

After this, he taught us how to take a pulse correctly and how to denote proper disease pathology in Ayurveda.

Below are actual pictures from a disease pathology, that can honestly be so simple yet so thorough.



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