Have a sneak peak at our home location kitchen. A perfect place to conduct a partial participation cooking class and demo workshop, or even just invite friends and family over whilst you ‘show off’ your cooking skills. We are just started this service for our members. 

The kitchen is fully equipped, we have gas fire, and you can even come by for a site inspection. We have only just started allowing usage of the space, as more and more home cooks are wanting a demo area or home-style kitchen for their lessons or tasting parties.

If you would like to come and visit the space please call us and arrange a site visit time. We will show you the space and everything you need to know to make your night truly special indeed! 



Our kitchen space is located conveniently in West Kowloon, near Kowloon Station.
To get to the Waterfront via MTR, take the Tung Chung line to Kowloon Station.  You will exit into Elements Mall and can follow signs to The Waterfront.  When you enter the complex, you will be going directly to The Waterfront, Block 2, Apt 38-C. 


The half day rate is HK$2,500 per session, this includes, free wifi, filtered water and some herbal teas. (sessions can last up to 4 hours/half day rate). 

The full day rate is HK$5,000 per session, this includes, free wifi, filtered water and some herbal teas. (sessions can last 8 hours/full day rate) 

Till September 15th get a special discount on space rental inclusive of cleanup at HK$3,500

Attached are some preliminary images of the space, (the pictures don’t do it justice, as there is an extendable table that we have built in which can accommodate more people around). It is a very relaxed setting that can seat 12 comfortably and we have squeezed 18. 

Please note that any additional people over 10, will incur an extra charge of HK$300 per person. 

Additional Services include;

  • Cleanup/Stewarding (half day HK$750, full day HK$1,000) 
  • Sous Chef (HK$350/hour)
  • Photography @/1,200/hour
  • DVD Recording/@ 1,200/hour  Copy of DVD, HK$500 for first copy, (thereafter HK$50)
  • Ingredients Purchase Service (*Quote Dependent on ingredients)
  • Menu Printing (*Quote Dependent on ingredients)

* Please note that rental is subject to availability and can change at any time. You can schedule a site visit by calling Lakshmi Harilela for details at 9504 0288.


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