Enter a New Era

Before it was all about mass production, now it is about artisanal products that really make an impact on the environment in a positive way. Products that are hand-made and full of integrity. Love True Food has been a consultant for Lil Paddy’s Pickle for some time now and the Pickle company have just collaborated with Andy Kun, founder at Urban Health. 

He helps small to medium size businesses create themselves and get out there into the market through his consultancy services. He offers Gluten Free Consultancy especially with regards to allergies. Andy Specialises in Gluten Free living, and so his catering is unique and offers food that is safe and delicious. His vision is to facilitate catering and consultancy for small to medium sized business owners in their quest for market success, with reference to allergy free living. His wealth of knowledge is invaluable, especially in the area of intolerance. Check out his website at http://urbanhealth.hk.

Andy is a certified Hygiene Manager and is an International Caterer with his certification from the UK. His knowledge extends beyond making things taste good. 

Don't forget to check out his Glutox Kits, for your locations. 

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