The latest news of the recent healthy cooking class in the LTF HOME KITCHEN STUDIO located in Hong Kong, West Kowloon. Green Members enjoyed a free class featuring a totally hands-on experience with the Art of making Pho, a Vietnamese traditional soup broth.

The balance of flavours left our members feeling satiated, leaving with the knowledge that they can make this delicious broth in the comfort of their own home.

“LTF cooking classes are unique in the fact that everyone leaves with knowledge about the health benefits of thee dishes being prepared. This is what makes the classes so thorough and sustainable.” says green Member Ivan Lau.

“Mostly, we are geared towards health and healing, and the very notion that food can be medicine is shocking to a lot of people, as they associate food with guilt or over indulgence. Here at Love True Food, we drill the view that all food is medicine and can still be enjoyed by even the less experienced cook. “ says Chef Lakshmi

Try out our range of healthy cooking classes and purchase health products designed to support your lifelong quest for healing.


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