As you all know I am still recovering from a rotator cuff tear. After researching a fair bit I found out that a healthy diet, namely high protein, fibre, carb and plant based could aid and escalate the healing process by 40%. Using the right protein powder at the right time will build lean muscle mass faster and also help in repairing tissue and torn muscles structures.

I have been through a lot of dietary proteins. Currently I am using one from The Beauty Chef, and I have heard amazing things about . Check these wonderful brands out.

Consuming adequate protein at night could help your body heal and regenerate faster than if you had your protein in the morning. There have been studies indicating a positive benefit in consuming protein supplements before bed claiming that they increase muscle protein synthesis. Various athletes have adopted a nutritional strategy of consuming a protein shake before sleep to help prevent muscle breakdown.I personally use protein and under armour repair sleep ware to aid in my muscles recovering.

So next time you think of having a protein shake, think about an evening time one instead!!!


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