Prevention means creating balance in Ayurveda. Ayurveda gives us the tools for how to live our life in a state of peace. This means creating joy, happiness and fulfilment. Ayurveda teaches us how to live within society and in our own minds too. 

Health is firmly grounded when we are able to  achieve the four goals in life: Kama (activities), Artha (prosperity), Dharma (codes of conduct) and Moksha (liberation). Health is the prerequisite for all aspects of life. In other words health is wealth. 

The definition of a healthy person is a person who has maintained his or her Body Constitution, examples includes experiencing balanced functions of the three doshas, state of digestion in the form of agni, balanced tissues or dhātus and eats products (malas).

A person who has clear thoughts, sharp sense organs and a calm and peaceful mind is considered to be balanced. This is all good and well talking about it, but what can we do to achieve this balance??? Well the first line of dance is prevention. This could means different things to different people. In my own life prevention is staying away from anything that causes you dis-ease, whether toxic relationships, toxic foods or environments etc. Once we know what causes us dis-harmony, we can stay away from these things. This is also a part of Yoga philosophy called yama and niyama, observances and abstinences. 

So in a nutshell, balance and prevention of illness can be achieved in three ways according to Ayurveda; 

1) hara (diet),

2) Nidra (sleep) and

3) Brahmacharya (walking the middle path)

We can do this by following; 

1. Dinacharya: Daily Routines

2. Rātricharya: Nightly Routines

3. Ritucharya: Seasonal Routines

The way we behave can effect vāta, pitta and kapha. So it is important we don't do things that aggravate the already surfacing doshas. 


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