For the longest time, I have been conducting Nutritional Ayurvedic Assessments here in Hong Kong based on individual nutritional requirements of individuals. I truly beleive that the way people eat should be unique and tailored to their constitution. Ayurveda is a science of life and is based on principles that were established through the observations of nature by the ancient 'rishis', also know as the great seers. 

In Ayurveda, the body is nourished by the elements of nature, these elements are converted through the process of digestion, assimilation and elimination. You can be a person dominated by either fire, water or air. And this can tell you a lot about what goes on inside your body and what substances can hinder or help you balance and find homeostasis. If digestion is compromised in anyway, then the entire system will be affected. This is the basis of Ayurvedic nutrition. 

These assessments can help regulate metabolism, and culivate better eating habits without feeling hungry all the time. 

nce you find out what serves your body and what does not, it is easier to maintain optimal digestion and health. This is what you find out from your nutritional assessments. From your various assessments you will get food charts  and recipes that will keep you on track and help you maintain your optimal weight goals and nutritional requirements. 


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