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  • The Waterfront, Tower 2 38C, 1 Austin Rd. West
  • Hong Kong

Want to enjoy a wonderful Christmas, but having issues about serving up a fully vegetarian feast. Look no further than LTF HOME KITCHEN CHRISTMAS COOKING CLASSES. In this class you will learn various vegetarian dishes to please your guests, they won't even miss meat;

The Menu:

Green Bean & Hazelnut Salad, Nut, Quinoa & Carrot Roast with Gravy, Sunset Pate, Roasted Sweet Potato with Brandy, Coconut Beetroot Pudding.

Price per head: HK$1,200/person

For private classes, a minimum of HK$4,000 for 2 people must be covered. 

* menus can change according to seasonality of ingredients. 

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